Dynamic Do It Yourself Signatures version 'dayum' 0.2.1 | by Max Korlaar


Hi. Don't complain! It's still in a beta, but welcome anyway :)

Right click to remove an item. You can only have one outdated warning. The latest one changed will take priority.

This is a beta GUI. The items you can move and the preview is just a representation of the real signature, so there will be small differences. The image at the bottom of the page is the final image and should be used. Items may not be exactly what you would expect.

Believe me (or ask Plancke), PHP image manipulation is something terrible you should never even begin with, but it's the only thing I know. So the drag and drop items' text differs with just a few pixels from the real text because of some code that makes sure it all fits exactly into the preview snippet. Either that or some items here would be too wide or small!

Current width: Loading.
Current height: Loading.

Don't know what to input here? You can upload a custom background image here, or leave this field empty if you don't want a custom background.

Drag an item to begin.

Whenever you remove an item from your signature, it gets placed back in the list with other items, at the end. We are aware of the small 'problem' that those items do not get placed back under their corresponding header.

Skins are handled by our own MC-Skintools. More on open source →

If you do not know your UUID, you can enter your username. It will be converted to your UUID when pressing the button.


! Outdated for # days, ## hours, ##m.

Skin avatars


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Your link will appear here.
BBCode: (click to select)
[URL='https://hypixel.maxkorlaar.com/dynamic-signatures/'][IMG] ** Copy the code in this block to your signature to have your signature working within seconds! **[/IMG][/URL]

What is BBCode? BBCode is the code 'language' used to format the forum messages and signatures on the Hypixel forums, and many more. You can copy the above BBCode and paste it in your signature editor. It will look like a bunch of text, but when you save it and click 'Preview', you'll notice that it has automatically turned into an image!

Your image will be cached for up to 600 seconds using your UUID. This means that you are unable to have 2 different signatures at once.

WARNING: This service is provided AS-IS with no guarantee of satisfaction or even that the service works, blah blah blah. Don't sue us. Be nice. Don't share this URL just yet, as this is in a frickin' beta and the whole page/url may change. I mean, the BBcode links to a location you can't even access yet because there's no file at that location!