Dynamic signatures for the Hypixel Minecraft Server

You'd like to contribute? Well then, here I'll explain the 'rules'

Disclaimer: This is not a commercial project. You do not have to contribute. Benefits are purely cosmetical.

You'll get as much love as everyone else.

Short and simple: You can contribute to this project by sending money via PayPal. This money will be used to pay for the hosting and domain name registration, as it's not free. When contributing/supporting, you agree with the terms stated below. Don't worry, it's nothing scary.

I'd like to contribute. Cool! Anyway, if you'd like to have those extra perks (unless you simply only want to support me), we'll need your UUID. Provide it using the PayPal thing or send it from your email, we'll figure it out :P. To get extra perks, we require the following things:

  • Your UUID (so a way to contact you, or some way to verify that the UUID belongs to the person who has sent the contribution)
  • A minimum contribution of 2 € (EUR). Only contribute what you think the project's worth for you - We're honest people, like you.

I've read the terms, how can I contribute? To contribute, please enter the captcha below to get access to a PayPal link. It contains personal information, that's why the captcha is here.

Terms of contributing

You agree to these terms when you choose to contribute.

This License Agreement (the "agreement") is made between you ("You", "Your"), and Max Korlaar and people who have contributed to the code of this project, see AUTHORS.txt ("Licensor"). Support may be received when using any contact form on our website, and via email ("support"). Support does not have priorities and it may be possible for your email to be unnoticed. This agreement will be effective whenever you choose to contribute. When contributing, you may recieve additional benefits, see above ("benefits").

  1. Refunds. You may not request a refund. Your transaction is final. Your money may already be spent on supporting the project. By requesting a refund we will terminate these terms.
  2. Ownership. You may not claim ownership over this project. Contributing is contributing, not buying. You do not own this project and you can only use it as an end user. Also, this license is non-transferrable, meaning that it is not possible to terminate the license for you and make them effective for someone else. You may not ask for support on changing your UUID.
  3. Ethics. Be nice. You know what we mean; If you're being not nice to other users, which use this service too, or us, we can terminate these terms.
  4. Warranty. Licensor gives no other express or implied terms, warranties, representations, or conditions of any kind, statutory or otherwise, with respect to the service, including but not limited to any warranty that it will meet your requirements, that the operation of the service will be uninterrupted, error- or virus-free, or any implied warranties of merchantability, quality or fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the use of the service is with you. This section shall survive the termination of this agreement.
  5. Liability. Licensor can not be held liable for any problems that occur by using the provided services, in any way. In some cases, Licensor can help you via support.
  6. Services. Licensor will not provide any more extra services than stated in these terms. For example, when you have contributed it is not possible to ask Licensor to create a website for you.
  7. Changes. This license may change anytime without warning. The benefits may also change anytime without warning.
  8. Termination. Terminating the terms: You may terminate these terms by requesting it per email, or not using the service anymore. Refunds will not be given. Depending on the case, your access will be blocked to our services or your received benefits will be revoked from you.

In short (the terms still apply): You cannot get a refund, you agree on not claiming ownership over the project, you will be nice to other people and not be mean (for example, saying that others aren't cool because they didn't contribute). We do not give any warranty, and we cannot be held liable for any problems that occur. We will not provide you with extra services, because you did not pay for that, and we do not offer them. We may change these terms any time, just like the stuff you would get from contributing, without warning you first. You may terminate these terms by not using our service anymore, but refunds will not be given.

See? Nothing scary. Example: You contribute a minimum of 2 USD or EUR, and provide us with your UUID via email or in the PayPal receipt, we will make sure that you will get your benefits, if we still offer them.

© Max Korlaar 2019. I am not affiliated with the Hypixel server in any way, but that does not make them less awesome.