Hypixel Booster Schedule Notifier

Receive an email to tell you when to activate your booster on the Hypixel network in order for it to be activated on the date and time that you prefer!

You're free to enter whatever name you prefer. Whether that's your username or first name, it doesn't matter. It will only be used for addressing purposes and will not be used to compare booster data against.

You will be notified if the next available booster will be activated within a 15 minute margin of this time. For example, you would like your booster to be scheduled at 21:00. If the next available booster would be activated at any point from 20:45 to 21:15, you will be notified. These times are estimated and are not precise, due to the fact that we calculate the times since there is no actual booster scheduled for that time – Your booster would be scheduled if all goes well!

For example: Europe/Amsterdam. This input supports autocomplete. Try to enter the nearest capital within your timezone. You must enter a timezone from the list.